June 1st, 84 miles to Gerlach

No services along the route today. I went to the quick mart early and had
some breakfast items and some to bring along the way. After that cycling
through Cedarville where photo above shows the main street.

Skies were mostly clear and it was slightly cool but soon warmed up. This
area is known as the Surprise Valley and snow could be seen on the range on
the right.

At 16 miles was Eagleville where photo of church as taken. There was a store
here but was closed. Talked with a local resident and he indicated it had
recently been sold and might be opening again. After this cycled remainder
of the distance in California.

Nothing fancy but this was sign that greeted me crossing into Nevada at
mile 30. Overall light traffic on this road today but reasonable road
surface. Not long after crossing into Nevada, the road went through a
slight canyon and into a broad open area. No pastures here but still
reasonably flat.

At mile 42 was halfway point so parked the bike and ate a few things. As can
see from photo above lots of open country here. After this we had a climb
from mile 52 to mile 60 and then descent thereafter. Some slight headwinds
also after the climb. Still pretty reasonable cycling though.

Without much difficulty came the last bits into Gerlach for 84 miles for the
day. Gerlach is known as nearest location to the Burning Man festival held
each August. It was all pretty quiet now though, so went to the largest
establishment in town, Brunos for food and a place to stay. First place I’ve
been without wifi (but later uploaded from Bruno’s)

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