June 2nd, 80 miles to Fernley

Brunos didn’t serve breakfast until 7am, so I had some crackers, peanut butter and fig newtons before heading on the road. Today I expected a store at Nixon, 60 miles down the road but decided I’d rather have the early morning cycling than wait too long. Photo above showed the sun barely coming up.

However, it rose quickly and this photo shows a look back at Gerlach in early morning light. Five miles down the road was Empire and site of a gypsum plant that had closed recently (2011).

The store here was closed. Behind it I could see a contraption complete with palm tree that looks like it might have been for burning man.

After this, the route mostly followed the valley, though would climb along the edges as well, so wasn’t completely flat. It was otherwise a good road and not much else along the way.

Some folks had fun decorating one of the rocks with paint.

Above photo taken at the 30 mile mark where I stopped to get a further bit to eat. After this the route continued along the valley and then climbed up and over into a drainage where I could see Pyramid Lake

This entire area was indian reservation. Once past the lake, there was a store at 60 miles and good place to stop for lunch. From here the route climbed the last drainage out from the lake and then over into Wadsworth and then into town of Fernley. This town was on I-80 and hence had a collection of larger businesses along the interstate. Also a good place to stop for the day and plan out route along US 50 from here.

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