May 31st, 93 miles to Cedarville

Today was a good ride with flat at the beginning and climbing at the end. It was just above freezing when I got on the road. The folks at the motel had called to determine that the market in Tulelake opened at 6am, so waited until just before then to take off. Sign above showed the town in early morning.

Somehow the market hadn’t opened by 6:15am so looked further in town to find a second market. Along the way, I also saw a local cafe. Four patrons were already there drinking coffee and looking at the newspaper. However, they told me breakfast wouldn’t be served until 7am. Guess they were the “regulars” who came down each morning an hour earlier.

Photo above was taken at the second market. I don’t have roller skates but was amused at the other two parts on the sign.

Once I left Tulelake the road continued through agricultural areas. I got a picture of this biplane that was doing crop dusting.

A little further was town of Newell and closest location to the Tulelake internment camp that held up to 18,600 people.
Apparently the largest of the 10 camps and the last one to close. Looking from the road and also on google maps, I was surprised to notice that such a large camp had been converted back to agricultural fields and little remained other than the marker above.

After about 20 miles the road went more through forested areas. It also went through the fruit inspection station shown above. I cycled up and was quickly let through. After this it was some gentle climbs but mostly flat. Also some slight headwinds until 49 miles where the last were a descent to a road intersection at Canby.

There wasn’t much at Canby at mile 53. I found the local pit stop market, however it was closed today. If one looks closely you can already see the pumps have been converted to planters. As I looked around town, a local came past and let me know there wasn’t much here open today.

So I cycled west for another 18 miles to Alturas. This was larger town.

This was first restaurant I saw, though I continued into town itself and a Subway. At this point the road would climb a bit more.

At mile 77 the road turned right and went through a construction zone. There was a pilot car, though I was too slow so mostly rode at my own pace. After the construction area there was a slow climb up to mile 88.

At mile 88 was the summit of Cedar Pass. From here a descent down to Cedarville. Was a nice end to a longer ride.

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