June 6th, 77 miles to Ely

Today was a day with four summits to climb. Much of Nevada is long flat basins separated by low mountain ranges. The mountain ranges run north/south and hence taking US 50 means a lot of climbing up one range, descending and then crossing the next valley.

There was restaurant in Eureka that opened at 5am, so had breakfast before I left. After that, the climbing started right away with five miles to the first summit. Along the way, not sure what a fire danger of down means.

Without much difficulty, I was up to top of Pinto summit at five miles. One summit done and three to go.

There was a good descent down from Pinto summit and down to the next basin. Here was photo taken after first 15 miles.

The next climb was the smallest one and at 23 miles I was on top of Pancake Summit.

From Pancake Summit there also wasn’t much of a descent, but went across the next valley and at 27 miles started a slow climb back up. Along the way, met another touring cyclist, Peter who was coming the other way. He had started in Savannah Georgia and was riding to finish in San Francisco. On the way up passed the chain up area.

At 36 miles I was back up top again, this time on Little Antelope Summit.

Was still riding pretty strong and with half the ride done, had crossed three of the four summits for the day. The descent went down to Jake’s Valley and this is where I found some folks driving cows from horseback.

At mile 50, started a gradual climb again and by mile 60 was back up to the next summit at Robinson Pass.

Hooray! Crossed my fourth summit. From here mostly descending. I passed the Ruby Mine complex

The last few miles brought me through a more narrow canyon and on other end was in Ely. The four summits had been some climbing but overall wasn’t as bad as expected.

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