Day 71, 81km to Kasane

Welcome to Botswana! Today was a shorter day that included a border crossing. As we move west, it keeps being a little darker each morning. Today wasn’t a race day so everyone was pretty relaxed in leaving and in cycling. Race day or not doesn’t make much different for those of us who are technically “timing” but not racing.

The first 4km brought us back to middle of Livingstone. From here we started west to the Botswana border. About 20km on right side of the road was a rhinocerous. The terrain was flat with just a few shorter hills. Otherwise tall savannah grasses and some low trees.

The flat terrain meant it was before 10m when I was at lunch at 66km. Just past lunch we turned left and headed to
the river. There was weigh station here and many long lines of trucks. I’m told trucks can wait up to two weeks
before getting across. Close to the border station was an exit from Zambia. I exchanged Zambian kwatcha here for
Botswana pula, though figured later I lost a higher percentage on the deal than normal. Fortunately, not a large amount

After this I was allowed on the next ferry that left (even TDA trucks ended up waiting an hour). It was a short ride
across the river. I cycled into Botswana including passing across a foot and mouth disease water. The last 10km brought me to the river and not far from town of Kasane. I cycled into town and was able to get money from the ATM (something I had been unable to do in all of Zambia. My credit union said all was ok, but I’m curious if they accounted for the new currency).

Across the river from our camp, we can see a narrow corner of Namibia. Zimbabwe is also not far from here, so we’re
close to that corner point with four countries.


Day 71, 81km to Kasane — 2 Comments

  1. Mike:

    Thank you for your postings! They are most interesting!!

    I am planning to do the TDA in 2015. I put in my down payment in February!

    I have read through many of your blogs which I have found very, very helpful – Alleviating some of the fears that have been cropping up since I made the commitment!!

    I hope your leg continues to improve anf that your heal quickly and completely.

    Good Riding!!

    Doug Pearson

    • Thanks Doug and good to hear from a future rider. I’ve definitely enjoyed my first three months so far on this trip. Been challenged, been enlightened, had fun and definitely not bored. Internet is a bit sporadic now, but after trip if I can assist with any questions let me know.