Victoria Falls rest days

Two relaxing days outside Livingstone near Victoria Falls. This is a tourist hot spot with plenty of exotic things to do e.g. bungee jumping, ultra-light aircraft flying, helicopters, boat cruises, safaris, etc.

My list was pretty simple, namely to travel 10km and see the falls. I was impressed, the falls are big (not the highest nor the tallest in the world, but claim is the largest “sheet” of falling water when measured by width times height), approximately twice as high as Niagara Falls and one and a half times as wide.

However what was more interesting was the constant mist/rain when you walk along the falls. Some was quite heavy and good test of a rain jacket. I could also see the bridge where people bungee jumped and some of the other things here. Photo below shows rain jacket rentals for those who forgot.

Otherwise, kept mostly to the “rest” portions of rest days – got my skipping chain ring replaced and read some books (currently trying to figure out what happened with apartheid with South Africa coming up). We’ll have ten days of riding from here to Windhoek, Namibia with a rest day in Maun after five days. Expect some longer and flatter riding and getting rested for that.

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