June 8th, 90 miles to Delta

Today was a longer ride across to town of Delta. The sign indicated no services until Hinckley, so got some extra food in the panniers and set out early. My watch was now reset to Mountain time at the border, so didn’t seem quite as early though.

It was flat for first 10 miles and after that a gradual climb with steeper after 18 miles and a summit at 21 miles. This summit didn’t have a name listed. It did indicate the grade on both sides was 8% but that seemed to be an exaggeration to me.

The descent down the other side was nice and went through a canyon. It was also marked for 8% but didn’t seem as steep either. At bottom came to the next open valley at 31 miles and followed this valley for several miles before climbing again to a 41 mile mark and the second climb of the day.

After the second climb I could see Sevier Lake to my right. This dry lake seemed to be mostly salt flat. Unfortunately, the wind also picked up here and had a cross wind that was more of a head wind for most of the next 30 miles. It was first a slight descent to the lake and then a slight climb again from the lake.

It was still sagebrush and open country after leaving the lake. The road went straight for miles and miles without much in way of houses or other settlements. Finally as came close to 75 miles a few bends and then just before Hinckley saw another shoe tree.

At 83 miles was Hinckley and a gas station and chance to stop in for bite to eat. Also nice place for a quick rest. However, Delta was still close so rode the last miles into Delta. Stopped in at the museum on my way in

Which had some interesting exhibits.

After that found a motel and booked in for two nights. Plan to take a rest day here in Delta since tomorrow is expected to be a bit warmer and otherwise this is good place to take a short break.

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