Another quiet rest day in Nanyuki

Kenya still awaits results of the presidential election. Following BBC article is a good summary: BBC article. The following NPR article also interesting: NPR article.\

The election commission is manually counting votes and has said not to expect a pronouncement before Friday. The TV stations are still in an endless loop showing the last results they had – some of which are stale after electronic transmission failed and updates halted on Tuesday. With latest election commission ruling to count “spoiled ballots” as part of the total ballots cast, it will be more difficult for one candidate to have 50% of the total and hence more likely for this to continue for a while into an April runoff.

Otherwise, things appear very calm, both locally in Nanyuki and what we see in the media. At dinner tonight I’m sure we’ll get our next update but I’m hopeful that we’ll be back on our bikes and cycling tomorrow :). [Update: we ride tomorrow, hooray!]

From here it is two cycling days to Nairobi, one rest day there and then two cycling days to Arusha, Tanzania. We have a three day rest in Arusha including chance to find local tour operator for more traditional Africa wildlife safari.

For another for fun link, here is Tour D’Afrique’s summary of our equator party. It was a costume party and I decided to go as a collage of African countries we had cycled in: a head scarf for Egypt/Sudan, a Fly Emirates jersey for Sudanese/Ethiopian kids, a stick for Ethiopia, election posters for Kenya and a hula hoop for the equator.


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  1. According to the Associated Press, the news media were partly to blame for the 2007 violence. This year they’re self-censoring.


    NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — It’s the biggest news of the year in Kenya: A presidential election with huge potential for violence. Why then are the headlines so boring, the TV broadcasts so dull? The answer: Kenyan media are self-censoring the story to avoid fanning the flames of conflict.